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Wellness exams

Annual exams are an important part of pet ownership. Young animals need regular exams to ensure they are growing and maturing in a healthy way. Older animals also need regular checkups as most diseases are easier to treat when caught early. At our clinic wellness exams are designed to aid in the early detection and prevention of disease. These exams are always done with compassion to minimize any stress our furry patients may experience.


Internal Medicine

Health care is an ever changing field and our clinic prides itself on always being up to date on current diagnostic and treatment options. We also consult with specialists as needed to ensure your pet will receive the best care possible.



Silver Springs Animal Hospital is equipped with a modern surgical suite where orthopedic and soft tissue surgeries are performed. We use state of the art anesthesia monitoring equipment to track blood pressure, oxygen saturation and ECG. Our warming equipment and excellent pain management protocols ensure our patients are as comfortable as possible. Cuddles are also provided as needed!



Dental care is very important to the overall health of your pet. Dogs and cats that receive regular dental care live years longer, pain free lives as compared with pets who live with dental disease. We are very experienced in this area and provide:

  • Help to clients interested in home dental care
  • Prophylactic cleaning including ultrasonic scaling, polishing and fluoride treatments
  • Dental radiographs and surgical extractions



Our in house radiology equipment allows us to achieve a diagnosis and start treatment as quickly as possible. No long wait times!


In-House Pharmacy

We stock a wide variety of medications for your pet. This service allows us to begin treating your pet right away, even before it leaves the hospital. We also have access to compounding pharmacies that can create a formulation that tastes better or is easier to give. Cat owners love this service!


Nutritional Consultations and Pet Foods

We have a wide selection of veterinary pet foods and treats for both cats and dogs From maintenance to prescription diets such as hypoallergenic and kidney formulations, we have the diet that will suit your pet. If we do not carry the specific brand of food that you need, we can always special order it for you. We also carry supplements and recipes for clients interested in preparing their pets’ food themselves.


Animal Behaviour Consultations

An increasing number of products and training programs are available to help minimize or eliminate inappropriate behaviours in pets. Please feel free to consult with our staff should you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet’s behaviour. This can be a time consuming process but our staff has a great deal of expertise in this area and we are happy to take the time to help.


Pet Insurance

At Silver Springs Animal Hospital we encourage our clients choice to acquire pet insurance for their pet. Many of our clients have policies through Trupanion, Pet Secure, and Pet care. We offer 30 day free trials through Trupanion and Pet secure. Please check out our resources for more information on our favourite insurance company!